‘We’re gonna win’ – Spurs over Suns, Spurs win, Warriors lose, Warriors win, Kings win, Hawks win, Spurs lose to Warriors, Warriors beat Kings, Hawks beat Warriors

June 18, 2021 0 Comments

Spurs have beaten the Suns in a hard-fought thriller, with the Kings beating the Warriors, Spurs beating the Hawks and the Kings winning the other two games.

Here’s how they did it: 1.

The Spurs got to grips with the Suns.

This was supposed to be a simple, fast-paced game in which a single play or a series of plays could lead to the win.

But there was something else going on.

The Suns had been playing well and were winning their last five games.

They were averaging 95.5 points and shot 38.7 percent.

They played well against the Spurs, but they had been a complete disaster against the Warriors.

They had beaten them four straight times and had a 1-3 record against them.

The Kings were also in the thick of things, winning four straight games and beating them two straight times.

The Warriors were also playing well, winning seven of their last nine.

They shot 48.7 and scored 92.3 per game.

They weren’t playing as well as they usually do, but the Kings were outmatched.


The team that had the ball didn’t play well.

The game was supposed, as a whole, to be easy for the Spurs.

They’d just need to score more points than they normally would and get more assists.

But they did not.

The Hawks played a lot of the same style that the Kings had, but were not able to generate much offense and had to be patient and patient.

The only offensive spark that the Spurs had was in the fourth quarter when DeMar DeRozan scored 20 points on 9-of-14 shooting.

But the Kings scored just eight points off the bench in the first half, including five by DeMar.

They scored a total of 10 points off turnovers in the second half.


The first half wasn’t nearly as exciting.

The second half was much more exciting.

DeMar and the Hawks didn’t look like the team they had looked like the previous two games, and they were not as good defensively as they were the last two games when the Kings outscored them 51-40.

The Bucks and Jazz were not the same team they played last week.

The Thunder was struggling to find its rhythm.

The Lakers were playing great basketball and had won four straight.

The Celtics were playing well.

It was hard to tell how good they were.

But in the end, it all came down to this.

The last four games have not gone according to plan, but these last four were not going to be the last.

The rest of the schedule is going to make it a little more interesting.

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