How to avoid being lost in the hidden valley road closures

July 15, 2021 0 Comments

The Hidden Valley Road (HSR) was closed in February 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is a very dangerous stretch of road and there is no signage at all on it.

But it is the only road that is still closed.

Photo: Supplied It is the road that connects to Hidden Valley Rd, a major city street, and Hidden Valley Lane, which connects to the Gold Coast.

You can’t drive through it.

“The HSR is a road that we don’t know how it will work,” Mr Trenkley said.

“It’s a very long stretch of roads.

It’s also a road for motorcyclists to drive on.

So the whole purpose of the road is to let people know that there is some closure for the coronas virus.”

We are trying to get the public on board to ensure we are keeping people safe, but we have got to keep the roads safe too.

But that is not to say that we are not doing things to try and keep the road open and safe.””

There are some areas of the HSR where there is significant traffic flow that we have to manage to make sure we have the right traffic flow,” he said.

“But that is not to say that we are not doing things to try and keep the road open and safe.”

It’s still very dangerous, but the road has a very, very small number of lanes, which is why it is such a priority for us.

“The HSR has been closed for more than two years and has been an absolute nightmare for drivers.

There are many signs saying there is a closure and they are not on the road. Photo

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