Ride your bike from the street to the park or beach with a $50,000 road bike in Canada

July 27, 2021 0 Comments

By the time she’s done, the road bike may be worth a lot more than she thinks.

A new report from Rideau Strategies shows that if a Canadian were to buy a road bike for $50k, it would be worth more than $1.3 million in 2017.

That’s an incredible return on investment.

“When you think about the value of the bicycle and the value it brings to the family, it’s really mind-blowing,” said Kate Tkachuk, the president of Rideau.

“When you add all of those things together, it becomes really attractive to people who want to go out and get their exercise in.”

Rideau says there are a variety of options available to Canadians with a passion for riding a road bicycle.

It has a list of a few of them below, including the Yamaha XC750, which is a roadbike with a range of speeds and handling that can be ridden up to 20 kilometres per hour on a single charge.

For the uninitiated, the XC550 is a very capable road bike.

It’s built on a compact, lightweight frame that’s light and has a lightweight frame-to-frame length of just 3.5-inches.

It can be built to a maximum speed of 26 kilometres per day on a full tank of fuel.

But that’s just the start.

The bike can also go faster and faster.

The Yamaha XS650 is a sportier bike that has a wider range of gears, but it’s also heavier.

It comes with a 700cc inline-four engine and is also built on the same frame.

The XC700 is a bike that’s meant to go faster but can also be used for shorter trips.

It features a 700mm wheelbase, and it can also travel up to 40 kilometres per charge on a tank of gas.

For more information on this story, go to theprovince.ca/news/canada/news.summaries/tourism-bikes-road-biking.articleWith all of the options available, the question is: What is the best road bike?

That’s what the Rideau study is all about.

It looked at over 10,000 Canadians and asked them what their favourite bike would be if they were riding it for one year.

The results are quite interesting.

A whopping 67 per cent of respondents said they would definitely want to buy their own road bike, which equates to $2.4 million in the first year.

The average price for a road model was $3,717, but that number jumps to $4,071 for the XS550 and $5,624 for the Yamaha.

For Canadians who are looking to buy more than one bike, Rideau recommends a pair of the Ducati 1199 Panigale Sport and the Cannondale CX.

If you’re not a cyclist, Rideaux also recommends a road-friendly mountain bike such as the Trek R1.

For those of us who are more of a track rider, there are several options available.

The Rideau report says the best options include the Shimano Dura-Ace 10 Speed and the SRAM RedShift.

It also says the top choices for a trail bike are the Trek Cross, Giant RockShox XC-M5, and Trek XC10.

For everyone else, Ride au is still your go-to source for information on the best bike for the road.

They have a full list of recommended brands and models here, including a full page with all of their recommended bikes and bikes for sale.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rideau’s research and marketing team at [email protected]

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