UK police to install CCTV in ‘Razor Off Road’ video

July 4, 2021 0 Comments

A US police department is planning to install cameras in its “Razor off Road” video, in a bid to “catch offenders and prevent further violence”, according to the Daily Mail. 

The US Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Homeland Technology and Innovation is set to install an array of cameras in the footage of a crash on the US highway in Georgia. 

It will have a system capable of capturing 360-degree video. 

In an email to BBC News, a DHS spokesperson said: “We are working closely with local law enforcement to ensure this new technology works effectively, and we are looking to partner with other jurisdictions in the region to ensure that the technology is deployed safely.” 

The video of the crash shows two men riding into the side of a tractor-trailer. 

One man is seen in the back of the vehicle, while the other is on the front, filming the scene. 

He is seen kicking and kicking the vehicle as he drives into the trailer. 

This man has also been filmed driving around the crash site, with his head still in the rear window. 

A second video shows the crash scene, with the two men on the ground and one lying on the side. 

“The Department of DHS is proud to partner in a pilot project in Georgia to deploy video technology on the roadway of a highway,” the spokesperson said. 

“[The video] is a pilot, and will be rolled out to all states over the next several weeks.” 

On Monday, Georgia Gov.

Nathan Deal signed legislation that will see police across the state use cameras to record “off-road” crimes, which will be released to the public, if the law is passed. 

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signing the bill The state has also announced it is planning a new law that will give law enforcement the power to monitor video footage, including video of people being assaulted, or those filming a crime. 

Last year, the Georgia Department of Corrections implemented a similar program that will allow officers to record any arrest they make and to send it to the state attorney general’s office. 

DHS officials said they were working closely to make sure the system worked properly, and that it would “be deployed appropriately in Georgia and across the nation”. 

The department has previously told the BBC the plan is to install “over 300 cameras” in Georgia, and a video of a crime would be released within two weeks. 

According to the BBC, “the US Department’s Office for Homeland Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship has an extensive program to protect our nation’s roads, highways and bridges, which includes deploying the world’s largest cameras on public roads across the US”. 

Earlier this year, Georgia passed a law that allowed police to use drones for the purpose of video surveillance.

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