Which Halloween party will take you out of your shell?

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A year on from Halloween, King’s Road in Glasgow is celebrating its 70th birthday.

As the town celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, here are some of the highlights from the town’s history and its rich tradition. 

The most iconic event in Scotland’s history There’s an element of nostalgia for Halloween in King’s.

In the 1950s, King Street was one of the main tourist attractions in Glasgow. 

This was due to its large Victorian architecture, which was one reason that it attracted the likes of Robert Eames and the Duchess of Kent. 

In the 1960s, Glasgow was home to the world famous King’s Circus, which featured the likes: Sir Elton John, David Bowie, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. 

Its iconic costumes and costumes were also part of the festivities. 

At its height, the King’s Street Carnival was one the largest celebrations of Halloween in Europe, drawing crowds of upwards of 20,000 to the streets. 

For many years, the Carnival was the largest carnival in Europe. 

It was the biggest in the world and had become the symbol of the city. 

After the Great War, Glasgow hosted the first World Cup of Nations.

The tournament attracted the world’s best football players from around the world. 

King’s was the scene of some of Europe’s most infamous street celebrations. 

There was the infamous Strictly Come Dancing at the end of the year. 

As well as the street festival, there were several themed nights where people could wear costumes and dance. 

During the festival, people were expected to take part in the traditional Strict People’s Dances which involved the use of rope, chains and sticks. 

Some of the most famous performances took place on the streets of Glasgow.

The Queen, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II were among the performers. 

Many people have been known to be seen on the King Street promenade dressed as witches. 

Although the Queen and Prince Charles were dressed as a witch for Halloween, it was not a big deal, says Michael Johnson, author of ‘The Curse of King’s’, which is based on his own experiences of the carnival. 

“You don’t need a magic spell to go out there and dance to that Queen.

You can be as silly as you want,” he says. 

Johnson says that he would like to see the King and Queen dressed as ghosts.

“I think they’re both real ghosts,” he said.

“It’s more of a fun kind of thing.” 

But there’s another element of King Street that has its origins in Scotland and beyond. 

 In 1882, a group of Scottish students set out on a tour of the USA.

They travelled across the US and came back with a new message for President James Buchanan, who was in the midst of a presidential election campaign. 

They wrote: “We would like you to be president and president only, for we would like it that you would be one of us.” 

The group travelled to St James’s Hall in Edinburgh, where they took part in a series of parades and parades were held in Glasgow during the carnivals. 

Following the election, the group returned to the US with their message and in the spring of 1885, the Strict Street Carnival took place. 

From the early days of the Carnival, King and King’s were the site of some iconic events. 

Image source In October 1885 and December 1885 during the Carnival year, there was a huge turnout in King Street.

It was packed with young people from all over Scotland. 

One of the organisers, Peter White, said it was “the biggest event in Glasgow’s history”. 

“People from all walks of life, from young to old, were on the street for the Stuyvesant Square parade and for King’s Parade,” he told Al Jazeera.

“People from the whole of Scotland were in King St. and it was a great day for the whole town.” 

He added that King Street’s carnival, the largest in Scotland, is a symbol of King James’s victory over the Tory government. 

‘You can’t walk home’ “The Carnival has always been the biggest event on the whole streets of Edinburgh,” he continued.

“You can go home from King’s and walk home in King and it’s like walking home.” 

It has always had a big social significance, he said, because it was where the King was crowned king. 

On the day of the Stonewall riots, on April 26, 1892, King James III was forced to march into Glasgow with a band.

He had been crowned king in Edinburgh.

He was accompanied by a group including his mother, the Queen, her father, and his brother-in-law, Charles, who had taken over from his brother as King. 

With his wife Mary and his three sons, Edward, William and

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