Which road conditions can we expect to see in Australia?

July 30, 2021 0 Comments

Melbourne is expected to see sunny and mild weather on Thursday and Friday, with a high of 46C and a low of 30C.

This will likely bring a little bit of rain in the south and south-east, and possibly some scattered thunderstorms.

Melbourne is also likely to see the start of rain showers over the weekend.

The high is likely to be over 40C, and the low is likely between 16 and 18C.

Read more The weather is expected with some light rain and drizzle.

The low is expected around the middle of the day, but will remain below 12C.

Melbourne has experienced some of the driest conditions in years, with the average high temperature of 31C, with an average low of 20C.

Auckland will also see some rain on Thursday, with gusts of 30-35km/h, with showers possible at the top of the crest.

The rain will likely continue on Friday, as thunderstorms are forecast.

A low of 10C is forecast, with thunderstorms possible on Saturday, with winds of 35km/hr to 40km/g.

A high of 36C will be seen in the morning, with rain showers forecast.

Temperatures are expected to reach the mid-40s.

The average high is expected at 32C, while the average low is at 11C.

The rain will continue throughout the day on Saturday.

A high temperature above 35C is expected on Sunday.

Rain showers are forecast in the southwest on Saturday and Sunday.

Rain showers are possible throughout the week.

Forecasters say a low is forecast for the south-west and east from Saturday.

The south-western high will be over 36C, which is expected by Monday morning.

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