Why are you driving?

July 23, 2021 0 Comments

From the moment you get out of your car, you’re about to be immersed in an experience you can’t even begin to imagine.

The world around you is so different, it’s almost impossible to believe there’s a road there, let alone a car.

You’re in a world of cars, but in your car is a world where you’re a pedestrian.

You are, in fact, walking.

The first step in your journey through the world is the first step into your own car.

As the world around your car expands, so does your awareness of your surroundings.

With your feet, you are now moving through the air, and as you move through the skies, so too does your vision.

You can hear and feel every moment, and the world becomes your own.

You see a road, you feel the roads, and you can feel everything.

With the world in front of you, you have more room for error than ever before.

It is a road trip.

It’s a drive.

It can take you anywhere, but the more you travel, the more likely you will become a pedestrian, too.

The road trip is not a journey to the next town.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes patience, commitment, and an open mind.

It requires being patient with yourself, and not just in terms of your travel.

It means understanding that the road trip doesn’t have to be a slow and arduous affair.

There are a few things you need to know about the roadtrip, including:1.

What’s a “road trip”?

What does it mean?2.

How do I get to a place?

What does “place” mean?3.

How long does it take to get there?

How long do I have to wait for the next person to get out?

How does that work?4.

What are the benefits of driving on a road?5.

How much will it cost?

How much do you need?

What is the average cost?6.

Is there anything you can do to avoid driving in a road situation?7.

What about parking?

Is it OK to park in the middle of a highway?8.

What if I get stuck?

How can I make it through?9.

What can I do if I do get stuck while driving?10.

When should I get out and about?11.

Do I have a car?12.

Do you have to take a nap?13.

Can I sleep on the road?14.

What happens if I don’t have a phone?15.

When is a car going to come?16.

When can I get a cell phone?17.

Is it safe to take pictures of your road trip?18.

Can you drive in fog?19.

Do people drive too fast?20.

Do they slow down when they cross a street?21.

Is this a safe place to ride?22.

Is parking really a thing?23.

Are people too loud in crowded places?24.

What is a “safe” place to park?25.

Do drivers slow down?26.

Are there places you should park in a snowstorm?27.

What do I do when I can’t park?28.

Is driving dangerous?29.

What should I do about parking in an accident?30.

How does a car wash?31.

Can people drive in an ice storm?32.

Do all people need a carseat?33.

What kind of car is OK?34.

What does a “parked” sign mean?35.

Is that really a car?

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