Honda’s new road armor bumper makes for an open road car

August 1, 2021 0 Comments

Honda has unveiled a new road-specific bumpers for its Road Armor, a high-tech bumpers designed to help protect its new SUV.

The bumpers, which come in the company’s new Road Armor II, are based on a design used on the companys new Road Runner, which is available to buy for $2,995.

The company also announced that it will begin offering the Road Armor I, a $3,495 version of the same bumpers that is currently available in select markets.

Honda’s Road Armor design is similar to the bumpers used on Toyota’s Camry and Honda Civic.

Both models are designed to reduce road noise and road wear and tear, and both offer a wide range of color options to match the car’s overall appearance.

The Road Armor cars feature a similar profile as the company is looking to introduce in its upcoming Road Runner SUV, the Road Runner X, which will arrive later this year.

The new bumpers are compatible with the company\’s existing Road Runner models.

The models will be available in the U.S. beginning in 2019.

The price for the bumper, which comes in black or silver, is $1,795.

The prices for the other bumpers in the Road armor line will be $1.95 per pair, or $3.75 per month for an entire month.

The two new models are available for purchase in the United States starting in early 2019, with the rest of the world to follow in 2020.

Honda says that its bumpers will be used by more than 1 million vehicles in the global market each year, and the company has estimated that more than 200 million miles of Road Armor are used each year.

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