What happens when you want to live a full life but want to ride a motorcycle?

By Emma HeidelbergerEmma Heiselberger and Maayan Golan are a couple who want to share the experience of being on the road with their daughter, Emma, 16.

Emma is a young driver in Israel who is now finishing her university studies in Jerusalem.

She drives her own motorcycle on weekends, but in the winter she rides her dad’s Yamaha R1 motorcycle, which she likes to take for long runs and cross-country trips.

On those trips she loves to ride her dad.

“I love riding motorcycles because it’s fun and it’s beautiful,” she said.

“I have a lot of love for them.

I like to ride them for fun.” 

After their first road trip, the couple decided to take a motorcycle tour of Israel.

They took a trip to the capital and visited the Temple Mount.

“When I first saw the Temple, I was a little bit scared,” she told Haaretz.

“There were so many police officers and so many security guards, and I didn’t know if they would stop us.

I just didn’t want to be stopped.

“We were really excited to go there and see it.” “

I had never heard about the Temple,” she continued.

“We were really excited to go there and see it.” 

“We were actually afraid,” she recalled.

“Then we found a little girl, who was in a wheelchair, with a wheelchair.” 

When they arrived at the Temple they were told by security officials that there was no one there.

When they asked the guard what was wrong, he said, “They are not allowed to come here.” 

They were told to wait for the security officer.

They waited for about an hour and a half before they were allowed to go through the security checkpoint. 

After the checkpoint, the guard told them that they would not be allowed to enter the compound.

The security officer then gave them a card that said, �This is not allowed.

The Temple is not open for inspection. 

Emma and her husband drove home and decided to return to the temple to see if the security was still open.

“After we got home, we saw that the guard was not allowed in the Temple.

The gate was closed. 

“The guard said,�”Well, it�s only for security purposes,� she recalled with a laugh. “

What did you think was going to happen?” 

“The guard said,�”Well, it�s only for security purposes,� she recalled with a laugh. 

The couple was not expecting to have a problem. She said, “You don�t have to do this at home, you�re not supposed to be here. 

I said, `I know what the rules are, and if I go to my room I�ll have to be in the temple. 

‘He said, ‘I know that�s not what I�m telling you,� said Emma.” 

In a similar situation, she told her husband, “”When you are a young person, you can go out and do what you want.

But for me, I am still in school, and you can�t do that. 

It�s a hard lesson, but at least I know I�ve learned something from it.

“The couple said that they have been riding their motorcycles for the past six months. 

While driving on the roads of Israel, they have noticed some other Israelis riding their bikes. 

 “It�ll be interesting to see what happens,” Emma said. 

At the end of the day, the couple will continue to ride their motorcycles.”

The last thing I want to do is be in trouble,” she added. 

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