When the world gets its own road book, this

should be read with a healthy dose of skepticism article When I read the title of this article, I’m not thinking about the world’s road book or whether the cars will be able to navigate through it.

I’m thinking about what this article means for the future of roads.

The idea that our roads will soon be automated or completely disconnected from the real world seems ludicrous.

In fact, a road book is a device that maps a roadway’s path and routes the vehicle to its destination, making it easier for motorists to navigate the country’s vast open spaces.

It’s like a digital road map.

And the way a road is mapped is by a combination of sensors, cameras, and lasers.

Theoretically, you could have one that has a computer system that makes decisions about where to go and when to go, all while monitoring road conditions to provide a map of where you’re likely to encounter traffic.

But, that would require a lot of infrastructure to be built.

And even if you could build it, you’d probably need to do it in a way that kept the vehicles safe from other drivers and their vehicles.

What if you had a road map that could be built on top of a map that was already mapped?

This is where the Road Test ny project comes in.

In the past, a lot more research has been done on how roads work and what they look like, which has led to a lot less great predictions about what roads will look like in the future.

But the road test project is trying to bring back some of those great ideas and give a few new ones a shot.

The idea is to build a road test nya system that would give the drivers of cars and trucks the ability to get a road-readiness assessment from a device embedded in the road.

The vehicle would scan the road and report back the results.

When the road was covered with snow or ice, for example, the driver would be able get a map and the car could determine whether the road is really open or if it’s filled with snow.

If the driver reports that the road isn’t open, the car would go back to the road, and the driver could then see if the road has been rerouted or if there’s a bridge over the road that’s blocking the view.

And it’s this sort of mapping that has led some to believe that roads will be completely disconnected and disconnected from each other.

But that’s not exactly what the researchers are aiming for.

“A lot of what we’re trying to do is get a sense of where we are in terms of how roads are going to change, how we’ll make them safer and how we might make them better,” says Daniel Bock, a professor of computer science at the University of Maryland.

Bock says the Road test nyah project is about trying to get drivers to see that there is a place for roads in a changing world.

And if roads can be safer and more efficient, then they should also be safer for other people.

“The problem is we’ve got the technology to make these cars and our roads safer, but we’ve been unable to find that out,” he says.

The road test has been in the works for a while, but it took the company three years to build.

Bock says that’s because he’s a big fan of the idea of “robotic highways” — the idea that the roads should be made so that they can be automated and connected to the real-world environment by robots.

Bocks thinks that, eventually, it will be possible to build vehicles that can navigate through a completely autonomous environment.

“In the long run, that’s where it will go,” he told The Verge in 2016.

“That’s the future that I’m trying to envision.”

If the road tests work out, it could lead to a completely different kind of transportation future for roads.

In an era of driverless cars, the roads will become an essential part of the human experience.

And this kind of automated highway system would be far easier to build and deploy.

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