How to drive on the highways in Texas

From the Texas statehouse to the Rio Grande River, the roads in the Lone Star State are a maze of state highways, a highway that is neither straight nor straight and not even a highway.

It’s an endless grid of narrow, bumpy, winding roads that have been designed to keep cars from running out of gas and have been maintained with the purpose of making traffic flow smoothly, but they also have a high degree of vulnerability.

The roads are often too narrow to make it through the swamps and swamps of southern Texas, and the width is often too wide to let your kids and pets into the road, too.

The worst part of these roads is that they are dangerous.

Every year, tens of thousands of people die from traffic accidents on the state’s highways.

In the past few decades, there have been an alarming number of fatal collisions.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 6,823 fatal collisions in 2016, a decline of 23 percent from the year before.

The total number of fatalities in 2016 was 6,664, a 19 percent decrease from the previous year.

On top of that, more than 2,000 people were killed on highways last year.

The Texas Highway Patrol reports that in 2016 there were more than 4,500 accidents.

According in the Texas Tribune, a report from the Texas State Highway Patrol, “The TxDOT is looking at the most recent data and has been working with the Texas Legislature, the Texas Highway Commission and the Texas Transportation Department to review our work and recommend changes.”

Some of the suggestions in the report include: Making the highway design better for pedestrians and cyclists.

Making the road more accessible for those with disabilities and people with mobility impairments.

Making traffic lights and signs easier to read.

Adding lane markings and turning lanes in areas where traffic is heavy.

A recent report from Texas A&M University found that the vast majority of Texas’ highway fatalities are related to speeding, weaving, and weaving through traffic.

As part of the report, the Tx DOT recommends a traffic calming strategy that involves turning lanes into “highway-level lanes” and closing off a portion of a highway with red and yellow lights.

“We want to reduce crashes and fatalities by making the roads safer for everyone,” said Darryl Jones, the chairman of the T.D.T.P. “And we’re working with lawmakers to make that happen.”

But in the meantime, drivers can’t get through these roads.

The state has a history of funding highway projects that fail, including some that were designed with the intention of making the highways safer for people with disabilities.

In 2004, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles approved $2.8 billion for a highway system that was supposed to reduce deaths by 25 percent over 20 years.

Instead, the plan included a $5 billion project that has left many Texasians behind.

In 2016, the report found that 85 percent of fatalities on Texas’ highways were caused by people in their 30s or 40s.

This is the same group of people who have been in the roadway since they were born, according to the Tnh-Texas Tribune.

As of January 2017, there had been nearly 4,700 deaths related to traffic crashes in the state, an increase of 26 percent from last year and a more than 50 percent increase from the same period in 2015.

“It’s a sad state of affairs that we’re living in,” said Chris Hodge, a retired truck driver and author of a book about the dangers of the Texas highways.

“You see people dying and people dying on the road.”

In 2016 alone, the Travis County Coroner’s office identified 963 fatalities from traffic crashes.

This includes the nearly 3,200 people who died in crashes in 2017 alone.

The problem is so bad that the Texas House recently passed a bill that would require the state to spend an additional $1 billion on new safety measures, like turning lanes onto highways, which would improve safety but still require a $1.5 billion investment in road maintenance and rehabilitation.

Hodge said the legislation is overdue, but it’s unlikely to happen before the next legislative session.

The bill also would provide funding for a pilot program in which a small portion of the state highway system would be dedicated to improving safety and improving traffic flow.

“This is a very, very important area for us to make improvements,” said Hodge.

“That money could be put toward things like making the pavement more safe and more efficient, for example.”

In 2017, Hodge was a passenger in a car that was struck and killed by a vehicle that was traveling at an unsafe speed, and he and other Texas drivers have spoken out against the state funding projects.

“The fact is, we’re still in a situation where the state of Texas is spending billions of dollars on projects that aren’t going to make the roads safe for people,” said Alex St

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