How to keep yourself safe while driving through the night in Queensland

The Queensland government has launched a road safety campaign urging motorists to stay out of the night and to stay alert at night, as the state continues to be hit by bushfires.

Key points:The Queensland Government has launched the road safety campaigns “Road Safe” and “Road Watch”Road Watch: Queensland is currently in the process of shutting down most of its roads in a bid to keep the state on track for a mandatory closure of all roadways by the end of the weekRoad Safe: This includes roads which are closed to cars, motorcycles, cycle and pedestriansRoad Watch has two main objectives: to help keep motorists safe and to warn drivers about road closures and other road safety risks.

The Queensland Department of Primary Industries (DPI) said it had launched the campaigns to raise awareness of road safety and provide the state with information.

“Road safety is important to Queenslanders and we want to encourage motorists to check road safety guidelines before driving,” the DPI said in a statement.

“This campaign includes information and guidance on safe driving practices and road closures, road closures on weekends and night, and information about how to report road safety issues.”

“We have also partnered with the Queensland Fire Service and local authorities to provide information to motorists, with the aim of encouraging them to remain alert during the night.”‘

No excuses’Road Safety: The Queensland Government’s road safety blitz will involve a series of road closures including:From Monday to Wednesday, motorists will be asked to wear safety vests at all times on the road, to be worn at all hours of the day and night.

Motorists will also be asked not to drive during daylight hours.

On Thursday, the DPHI will be holding an emergency road safety meeting to discuss road safety across the state.

Road Watch is an effort to encourage drivers to keep an eye on their surroundings and not be discouraged from driving, DPI’s road safe campaign manager Chris Smith said.

“It’s important that drivers understand what road safety is and that there are rules and restrictions and if they don’t follow them they will be punished,” he said.

On Tuesday, the State Government announced it was also launching its own road safety strategy and that it was aiming to shut down all road routes by the week end.

The State Government has been criticised for failing to close roads and roads have reopened for normal business.


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