How to make a road clip art video

Road clip art is a form of art where you take your own photograph of a street scene and add a bit of art to it.

I have taken this tutorial to make one of my own.

In this tutorial I am making a road scene of a busy street.

I will be using the Adobe Creative Suite CC for creating this video.

I am going to be using Adobe Illustrator CS6 for the graphics and Illustrator for the video.

So what do you need to do to get started?

First you need a good camera.

This is going to come in handy later.

If you are new to photography you might want to check out my previous post on getting started.

Next, get some Photoshop and Illustrations.

This tutorial is for the basic camera setting.

It does not have any presets to get you started.

If that is not your thing then you can get Creative Cloud to download the basic version of Photoshop for free.

You can then go to the Adobe website and get the Creative Suite for free to download as well.

Next I will use Photoshop to draw the street scene.

In Photoshop you can do things like rotate, scale, and rotate in different ways.

Next up you will need to edit your street scene in Illustrator.

Here you can select the elements of the street and add your own artwork.

Once you have added the artwork to your street you can then export your street.

The next step is to use the Adobe Illustration app.

This app is used to create art in Photoshop and is a great app for video artists.

Next we will create a video that will be our road clip.

I do not want to spoil it but it will be a short clip.

You may want to get a professional camera if you want to use this technique.

Next step is creating a music video.

In the video you will use the same techniques I used in the tutorial.

You will be adding music to the street scenes.

I also want to add some text in the street.

You could use a font, music, or some combination of the two.

I want to do a street sign with a little text.

I like the color of the text and how it says something like “The street has been closed for this reason”.

I also added a little bit of text to the background to say “There is an emergency.

Please stay at home”.

Next step, is to edit our video in the Adobe Camera Raw software.

This software allows you to edit video in various formats and formats for editing video.

If there is any kind of video in this tutorial that you would like to have professionally made then I suggest you use Adobe Camera RAW.

You should also check out our video editing tutorial to learn more about Adobe Camera.

So you have now created your street clip art.

Here is a picture of the finished street scene that you can use for your own videos.

If it does not look very impressive, you can change the colors a little.

The background and the streets are a bit dark so it will look more like an urban street.

Next time you want a street clip that will look like something that you will make a video for, you will have a lot more options.

You have your video editor, you have your street camera, you could even add some music and make some videos with it.

All you need is a camera and a bit more patience.

There is more to street video making than just making street scenes but I hope this tutorial has been helpful for you.

You might want more street clips tutorials to learn how to create your own street videos and to get the best out of your own creations.

Happy street making! -Brent L.

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