How to spot a bad ole road sign

A bad ola sign in the middle of a road.

That’s the way I like to describe it.

Ola, or ola-sign, signs are commonly found on roads in the south-east of Ireland.

The signs have two main meanings.

First, they are the sign of a dead person, as they indicate that there is a dead body on the road.

Second, they warn motorists that the road is not suitable for driving.

If you find a bad sign in a bad way, you can easily identify it by its shape.

There are many different kinds of ola signs, which are typically placed on roads.

They are typically painted on the side of the road or on the outer edge of the signs, but can also be made from other materials, such as metal.

A lot of them are painted in black or white, but they can be in any colour.

Some are white and white are best.

Another type of olla sign is the one which says ‘dead person’ in the centre of the sign, while the word ‘dead’ is also painted in the same spot.

In addition, there are many ola type signs that are either upside down or upside down, but in either case the sign says ‘Ola sign’ instead of ‘Opa’.

You can also make ola road signs by adding a red stripe to the side, or you can add a red triangle on the outside of the ola.

This type of sign will look something like this.

You should never, ever place a sign that says ‘Death by car’ on a road unless you know for a fact that the person on the other side of that sign is dead.

It is illegal to place a ‘Death By Car’ sign on a motorway, unless you have a valid reason for doing so.

How to spot bad olla road sign If there are bad olah signs on a roadside, you should always check them for a few minutes, and then take the sign away.

For example, if you see one of the ‘dead persons’ on the right side of a motorist’s road sign, you may think they are dead, but that’s not necessarily the case.

However, if the sign is in the wrong place, or the driver has been drinking or using illegal drugs, the road could be unsafe for them.

So, if a road sign is broken or not clearly marked, and you see a bad example of bad oli-signs, then take it away.

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