Idaho’s road runner cartoon gets a sequel

Posted November 13, 2018 10:22:37 A road runner, a truck, a road runner… it’s all in one.

And this year, the cartoon was featured on Idaho TV.

It’s called “The Road Runner.”

It’s not a real road runner.

It is a cartoon created by Idaho radio station WVAC.

And WVACC co-founder Jeff Jones says he had a lot of fun with the idea.

“We actually thought it was going to be a really interesting ride,” he said.

“It’s a fun ride, it’s a very serious ride.”

The road runner is a fictional character.

And he’s also a popular show.

It has been on the air in the U.S. since 1985.

And it’s been a hit on

The Road Runner was originally created by Bill Lee and Bill Nye, and it aired for a few years on Idahi Road Radio.

It was followed by an animated movie.

This year, WVac has brought in two more cartoonists.

They’ve created the sequel to the cartoon and they’re making it available on the road.

And the cartoonist behind the road runner has also been a big fan.

Jeff Jones said it was always a challenge to make a cartoon as serious as it is.

“When you’re making a cartoon like this, the whole point is to do something that’s really, really, hard,” he told NBC News.

“And I think we really nailed that.”

A Road Runner, a cartoon produced by Idahotronix, is featured on the Idaho Road Radio network.

The cartoon is now available on, where it’s available for download.

It can be found on the website, along with other road trip shows. has been hosting road trip programs for the past 25 years.

And on this year’s show, a different road runner gets a new life.

“Road Runner 2” is also available on YouTube.

It features a few new cartoons.

“The Journey,” which is based on the book “The Roads That Changed America,” features a young boy who takes a road trip to the big city of San Francisco.

“Trail of Dreams,” featuring a girl who goes on a road adventure in her father’s old pickup truck, is a road-trip show that was created by a man named Chris.

The two road trip series are available on Vimeo.

The road ride is a different experience than the cartoon.

“This is a more realistic, realistic trip that’s going to give you an idea of what it’s like,” Jones said.

But the cartoon has a different goal in mind.

“A lot of people think that road rides are just an afterthought,” he explained.

“But it’s not.

You know, you can go to an amusement park, go on a trip, drive a car, go through an airport and not do anything else.

We want people to go out on a real adventure.” “

So, that’s what we’re doing with this cartoon.

We want people to go out on a real adventure.”

The Road Rider is a popular cartoon.

He’s a popular road trip show, and he’s been on for 25 years, since the show was first created.

“I’ve always loved road rides and I think it’s kind of a great way to take people to places they never imagined they could go,” Jones added.

And while he was a road ride enthusiast growing up, he’s now a road rider himself.

“Idaho’s really a great place for me to get into it and it’s something I really enjoy,” he added.

“You know, the scenery, the people, it just makes me feel alive.”

A new road trip has just begun, and IdahosiRoadRadio, a popular travel network, is bringing the road ride to, which has a subscription service. has been the main source for road trip programming for the last 25 years and has now launched a new road ride. has also launched a road run show.

This time it’s about Idahoos road to the north.

“One of the big reasons why I love Idaho so much is because it’s such a good, wild state,” said Jones.

“There’s so much wildlife here.

There’s so many mountains.

There are so many lakes.

It doesn’t have the traffic problems, but there are a lot more people and you know, that really, truly means Idahans road is the best road in the world.””

In a lot, many ways, Idaho is a lot like California.

It doesn’t have the traffic problems, but there are a lot more people and you know, that really, truly means Idahans road is the best road in the world.”

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