The Trump Administration’s road to Damascus test a new strategy

On May 7, the Trump administration announced that it was conducting a “road to Damascus” test to determine the feasibility of deploying U.S. troops on the eastern border of Syria.

This is a move that is being described as a “first test” of the Trump Administration ‘s new strategy to address the Syrian crisis.

The White House also announced that the U.N. Human Rights Council will hold a special session on the crisis on June 4 to “reassess” its role in the country’s ongoing civil war.

It is important to remember that these tests are not “road tests” and are not intended to change any policy or any strategy.

The U.K. Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee is now debating the “Road to Damascus,” and the White House is also considering the “road test” and is expected to issue a draft resolution before the end of the month.

This test is important because it marks a significant change in the way the U,S., and the international community approach the Syrian civil war, and it indicates the Trump White House has some serious questions to answer about its approach.

In short, this is an effort to show the United States that it can be an effective peacemaker in Syria without having to go through a UN Security Council resolution.

In the past, the United Nations has used its role as the primary mediator of peace between the Assad government and rebel forces to facilitate talks between the Syrian government and the opposition.

But the U to the contrary has been the sole mediator in Syria since the war began.

This new test, which is being conducted by the U’s new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is not intended in any way to alter the status quo.

It does not reflect the U.’s position on the Syrian conflict, and its purpose is not to “de-escalate” the conflict.

Rather, it is a new test that shows the Trump team that it has the capacity to negotiate peace in Syria and that it is capable of winning the war.

If this is a success, it could help pave the way for the United states to continue to play a more prominent role in Syria’s political and military processes.

The Trump administration is not alone in this effort.

While the United Kingdom, France, and Germany have conducted their own “road trials” in Syria in the past several months, they have not been successful in convincing their Western counterparts that their efforts are effective.

While there have been a few notable successes in Syria, they are not significant enough to be viewed as a major achievement.

In this case, the U is not seeking to “negotiate” with the Syrian opposition, which has the support of a majority of the Syrian people.

Instead, it wants to see if the Syrian military and its allies can win over the Syrian populace to its side in order to “save” the country from the civil war that has been going on for years.

The United States will not win the war in Syria.

The most effective way to win this war is through a “peace-keeping” mission in Syria that is not based on an armed conflict.

The Syrian military has not been able to defeat the government since the conflict began in 2011.

There has been no real progress in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) since the beginning of the conflict, which the United Sates has been bombing for over a year.

The Islamic State has also lost significant territory to the U., Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, and the group has become increasingly desperate.

The only real way the Syrian army could defeat ISIL is through direct military action, which means the United State has to take on the role of an armed force.

In Syria, this would mean taking on the responsibility of protecting civilians and the infrastructure that supports their lives, as well as the legitimacy of the government.

The administration has tried to paint this mission as a humanitarian mission, but in reality it is being viewed as an attempt to protect a corrupt regime that has not only been fighting its own people, but also its own allies, in the ongoing civil conflict.

Moreover, the international public opinion has grown increasingly skeptical of the United s involvement in Syria to the point that the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states have begun pulling out of the war, citing concerns that the Trump regime is using humanitarian efforts as a cover for its own domestic corruption.

These events highlight that a “war on terror” in a region plagued by sectarian violence, terrorism, and extremism has failed to bring peace.

The military-first approach of the U was meant to protect the Assad regime, but it has led to the creation of an all-out war between the government and its opposition.

The Obama administration failed to stop the Assad Government from committing atrocities in the name of fighting ISIL, but the Trumps decision to support the Syrian Opposition is in reality a declaration of war against the Syrian civilian population and a declaration that the war on terror is

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