What we saw in the Louisiana road movie

A new film about a Louisiana road film is about to hit cinemas, and its a must see for the entire nation.

The movie tells the story of two Louisiana men, Bill and Fred, who are trying to keep the road running through the Great Storm of ’83.

The film is based on a novel by John P. O’Brien, which tells the tale of a pair of brothers who find themselves on a road film set in Louisiana in the aftermath of the storm.

The trailer shows a man in a cowboy hat in a field.

It’s followed by a group of men in suits, heading toward a car.

One of them is Bill.

Bill turns to a man, who is wearing a yellow raincoat, who turns to him and says: “Hey, you need help.”

“What the hell is going on?” says Bill, “The guys were running out of money and there was a tornado and all these things.

Now they’re all here?”

The man who is talking to Bill is driving a large black truck with a white stripe on it.

Bill’s brothers, Fred and Jim, drive their own small trucks on the road.

It was one of the few vehicles left standing.

“And we just came to this,” says Bill.

“Yeah, we had a truck in that same field with the white stripe,” says Jim, “It’s a pretty good one.

It ran out of gas.”

Jim and Fred’s truck has a big old black engine and a huge radiator.

Fred’s is big and white, with a big hood and big radiator.

“Look, this is what the movie was called,” says Fred, “I’m glad I found it.”

“You guys did that in the rain, weren’t you?” asks Bill.

Bill is about 20 feet from his brothers’ truck.

He’s a cowboy in a big cowboy hat, and the other cowboy is a white cowboy in khaki pants.

The white cowboy is Bill’s brother, Fred.

Fred and Jim’s truck is big, and it’s got a big engine, but it’s a very old one.

“You were going the wrong way,” says the cowboy in the white cowboy’s pants.

“We’re going the right way.”

Bill says:”Look,” says his brother.

“Don’t do this.

You’re gonna get hit by a truck.”

The brothers look around the field.

Bill says:They turn around and see a white truck with black stripes.

The big truck is Fred’s.

Bill says to his brother:”We’ve got a road movie set in this little field.”

Bill’s brother: “This is a road scene in the film.

It has nothing to do with the tornado.”

Bill replies:”Well, we did have one tornado,” says another cowboy.

“A big tornado.”

“Oh,” says George.

“That was an earthquake.”

“It was the worst one ever.

The whole country was down.””

But the truck wasn’t hit,” says James.

“It was just blown up.”

“Well,” says Charles, “it did damage.

But we did get the truck out of there.””

That was the only tornado we could get out of that field,” says Joe.”

No, no,” says John.

“The big one.”

“I think you’re wrong,” says Louis.

“You’ve got the wrong truck.

Look at the guy on the white truck.

The truck was not hit.””

No,” says Johnny.

“They got the truck off the road.”

“And they had a bunch of people stuck in there,” says Larry.

“No one was moving.”

“They just got it out,” says Bob.

“This truck just rolled.”

“Yes,” says David.

“I got it.”

A lot of people got out of the truck, and Bill says to Fred:”You’re not coming back here?”


“How did you do that?”

“You just took the truck over and flipped it over and left it there.”

Fred turns to Bill:”I’m sorry, Fred, but I’m not coming here.”

“Bill, what’s your name?”

“Bill O’Brienson.”

“Fred, you’re on your own.

Get your brother out of here.”

Fred gets out of his truck.

“Hey,” says Harry, “you know that truck?”


“Where did you get it?”

“I just took it.”

Bill turns back to Fred.

“What happened to the truck?”

Fred looks back at the white trucks.

“There’s a big white truck in there.”

Bill answers:”Bill’s truck.

It just rolled over.

It got a lot of damage.

The guy driving it was killed in the tornado.

I had a friend who was a truck driver in that area.””

Do you have any idea what it’s like to be stuck in a tornado?””

What’s a tornado?

That’s the big one.

You’ve got that

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