Why do some people find road rage so funny?

When a road rage incident takes place, one person will have a lot of emotions.

Some people find the whole experience hilarious and others are very sad.

But if you happen to be one of those people, you’ll find yourself laughing at yourself every time you experience road rage, a new study has found.

“People who are the most angry and upset with themselves can also be the most depressed,” said Dr. James DeYoung, a clinical psychologist and the study’s lead author.

“It’s something we tend to forget about, and we often think that people who have a ton of problems can’t be depressed.”

DeYoung and his colleagues wanted to know what’s going on with people who are emotionally unstable, and what they can do to prevent the situation from becoming a road trip disaster.

“We wanted to see what happens when people with a lot in the world go out to an event, and are suddenly feeling like their whole world is collapsing,” he said.

“When you’re dealing with road rage and other stressors, you can get the feeling that it’s going to be very stressful.”

“Road rage” can be defined as someone who has a hard time sleeping, doesn’t want to sleep or wants to be alone.

It can also involve an aggressive or hostile behavior towards others, and can include being upset by someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, race or disability.

“The more you can see how people with road problems feel, the more likely they are to try to avoid the situation,” said DeYoung.

“And that can be dangerous.”

“It becomes more dangerous the more you are trying to avoid it,” he added.

“If you have a road problem, if you feel that you are going to get in trouble, it’s better to try not to make it into a road-rage situation, to avoid having that outcome.”

The study involved 1,500 participants, and included interviews with the participants in the weeks leading up to the event.

“What we’re looking for is a person who is at risk of experiencing road rage,” DeYoung said.

“And we want to make sure that they are able to understand how it happens and how to respond to it.”

People who were at risk were divided into three groups: those with no road rage at all, those with road anger and those who were extremely angry.

The research also looked at how these two groups reacted to road rage.

The researchers found that people with more road anger had less tolerance for road rage than people with no anger.

“This suggests that people feel more anxious when they’re feeling angry, but they are also more willing to be aggressive in response to someone else’s anger,” DeLong said.

It’s not clear why people who had road rage would feel more aggressive toward people who didn’t have it.

But DeYoung believes there could be a psychological reason behind that.

“I suspect that people react more to people who don’t have a problem with their anger and feel less comfortable when they have a negative experience with someone else,” he explained.

“In the end, they think that they can handle it.”

De Young and his team also asked participants to report how much they liked the event, which in turn helped them to understand why they were upset and how they could respond to road Rage.

“You might not want to go out in a place that is going to have a high number of road rage incidents,” he suggested.

“Instead of thinking about it as road rage you could think about it in terms of a social or psychological event that could be an aggravating factor.”

DeLong believes the results are promising.

“Our study shows that it is important to be able to look at people with severe road rage in the context of the larger context of a wider experience of stress and anxiety,” he told CBC News.

“There may be other factors at play that make a person feel less safe or unsafe when they are driving.”

The researchers also plan to study how road rage affects people who get into trouble and how it affects their relationship with loved ones.

“My hope is that by understanding how road anger affects our relationships with others, we can be able have a better understanding of how to intervene when a person is feeling vulnerable,” De Young said.

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