Canopy Road Pay: A road pay system in the canopy

By Kate O’Connell, Reuters EditorThe world is set to get a lot more road money soon, with governments set to introduce a nationwide payment system for road tolls, the use of electric vehicles and other non-driving modes.

A proposal that is expected to be published in the UK’s parliament is expected in the first quarter of next year, after it was passed by the Conservative Party last month.

The UK government wants the payment to be made by a levy on carmakers and manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicles.

“It is about ensuring that the money raised from these vehicle sales is shared equally between the governments of the UK and the rest of the European Union,” Transport Minister Andy McDonald told the BBC in an interview.

“We are trying to be as transparent as possible about how this will work.”

McDonald said the payment would be in addition to other forms of taxes that have already been passed on to motorists.

The scheme will cost between £10 and £20 billion ($22 and $35 billion) over the next 10 years.

A similar scheme in Australia, the United States and Germany has already been announced.

The Australian government plans to set up a system that will make payments directly to motorists in a phased manner.

The Government is also in talks with other governments in the region about the same.

A spokeswoman for McDonald told Reuters the UK government had not discussed the plan with the other European governments.

“The UK is committed to working with all partners in Europe to ensure the best possible road transport system,” the spokeswoman said.

“As the UK Government is not currently considering a road payment system in its current form, we have not yet received any formal proposal.”

The European Union has been struggling to come up with a road toll system.

It is unclear how long the payment will be in place or how much money will be collected.

The European Parliament is expected on Tuesday to vote on a proposal to increase the amount of money that governments can levy on companies to compensate for road crashes and the loss of life on their roads.

It is also likely to take months for the proposal to be finalised.

A proposal in Britain would require a 50-50 split between car and road manufacturers.

The proposal is expected later in the year.

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