How Australian motorists are being charged more for toll roads

A new report has found that motorists are paying more for road tests in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

The study by Australian Institute of Public Policy and Economics (AIPPE) finds that drivers are paying an average of $5.60 for each road test they pass, a $2.40 premium over the average Australian driving record.

The cost of the tests varies by state.

Victoria drivers pay the most for road testing, while South Australians pay the least.

The average price of road tests for Queensland drivers is $2,534, while the average price for drivers in South Australia is $1,076.

The most expensive road test in Queensland is the $3,074 average for drivers.

The report also found that drivers in Western Australia paid the most money for road test services, with $5,856 paid for the average test.

Drivers in Victoria paid the least, paying $2 for every road test.

The biggest difference between road test costs in Victoria and Queensland is that drivers pay more for driving tests in Queensland than in Victoria.

In South Australia, drivers pay an average $2 more for a road test than in Queensland.

“Drivers are paying significantly more in Queensland for road safety services than in other states,” AIPPE chief executive, Chris Davenport, said.

“Our study shows the drivers in Victoria are paying the most and paying a higher premium for road tolls.”

AIPEP says the rise in the cost of road testing was likely caused by higher prices, which had been rising steadily since the 1970s.

Road tolls have risen at a rate of 4 per cent per year for the past four years, while fuel excise has risen at the same rate of 2 per cent a year for three years.

The rise in road toll is also tied to a rise in average fuel prices, with average prices rising 1.7 per cent for the year ending March 2018.

In Queensland, drivers have also seen a rise of 5 per cent in average petrol prices over the past three years, which is higher than the average increase of 2.2 per cent across the rest of Australia.

Queenslanders pay the highest for road road testing services, while drivers in WA pay the lowest.

The difference between drivers paying more and drivers paying less was driven by a rise between WA drivers and South Australians, according to AIPE.

WA drivers pay a higher average cost for a highway test than South Australians or Queensland drivers, with the average costing $543.

The state paid the second highest for testing in South Australian state, while motorists in South-West Queensland paid the lowest, with an average price $3.08.

“We know the road toll can be a cost, but the increase in road tax is largely responsible for this difference,” Davenports said.

Drivers also pay more to cover road maintenance costs, with WA drivers paying $4,532 for a $1.5 million road test while South Australian drivers pay $3 for each test.

WA has been criticised for not charging for road repairs and maintenance on roads that are not part of the highway network, such as the Glenelg and Macarthur roads.

“If road toll charges were to be introduced, it would put WA drivers at a disadvantage because they would be forced to pay for road maintenance when they are not required to do so,” Daveaux said.

Road maintenance costs have increased in WA since 2013, with Perth seeing a 4.6 per cent increase in cost, followed by Darwin ($4.2) and Darwin-Brisbane ($3.4).

“In some instances road maintenance could be covered by the state or by other means,” Daverport said.

South Australia drivers pay less than motorists in Queensland, with a 3.3 per cent rise in cost over the same time period.

“Road tolls are an additional cost that has to be paid by drivers who are in high demand,” AipE regional director, Greg Davies, said in a statement.

“The cost of driving in South Africa is higher and more expensive than in many other states.”

The increased cost of drivers paying for road traffic management is a major factor in our findings,” he said.

AIPCE says road toll testing services in Victoria could cost $3 per vehicle per month for the next three years if they were to continue at current rates.

The Victorian government has said that its new road toll policy will be rolled out by 2020, with drivers paying the increased cost for their road tests.

Victoria’s new road test plan will cost $4 per vehicle.

The government is also considering introducing a tax on the amount of road tax a vehicle pays, similar to the Australian dollar.

However, the proposed tax has yet to be approved by the Victorian Parliament.

While the government has taken a strong position on road toll, it has not taken a decision on implementing

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