How the U.S. Army’s new road armor is getting a bump in armor

With its new helmet, the U-Haul pickup truck is getting an upgrade from the Army.

And, it’s getting a lot of it.

The Army’s newest helmet has two new panels on the side of the head, with a thicker layer of metal on top.

“It’s basically the same material as what’s used in the Army helmets, except it’s thicker and has a higher density of titanium,” said John Bostrom, a defense analyst and former defense secretary.

“The two different materials have a lot in common.”

Bostom, who has worked with the Army on helmet development, said that the helmet also has a unique shape, with the outer panels of the helmet covering the front of the face and a thin layer of armor behind the jawbone.

“The helmet is a little bit different than the Army helmet, but that’s probably the most significant difference,” Bostomo said.

“It’s much thinner and much more resilient.

It’s much lighter and more flexible.”

Bostrom said the Army has also moved to make the helmet thinner than it was before.

For the first time in the UHaul’s history, the helmet has a smaller helmet shape than the ones on the company’s existing trucks.

The Army says the new helmet is meant to be worn by soldiers who wear the Army’s full-face helmet (FFH), which is a combination of the standard face shield and an armor plate that covers the upper half of the wearer’s face.

A recent study by the Army and the University of Wisconsin found that, while wearing the FFH, soldiers have a 2.6 percent greater chance of developing mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) than soldiers who did not wear the helmet.

Bostom said the armor plate on the new armor helmet is also supposed to reduce the likelihood of the body absorbing a concussion, the type of trauma that can lead to skull fractures.

Although Bostoms helmet is thicker than the FH helmet, he said that, for now, the armor on the helmet is more likely to absorb a concussion than the one on the Fh helmet.

In an earlier report, Bostorm said the UHP and the FFG were designed for soldiers who would wear the full- face helmet.

The UHoolah pickup truck has already received a slew of upgrades, including a new windshield that features a special LED display and a redesigned steering wheel.

The truck is also getting a new roof that has a redesigned airbag system, and new suspension systems and tires.

UHaul plans to add a second, smaller pickup truck later this year.

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