How to avoid thunder road conditions in Australia

If you’ve been watching the movie Thunder Road, you might have noticed the lightning bolt travelling across the sky.

But how is lightning affected by road conditions?

The answer depends on the speed of the lightning.

The more rapid lightning strikes the faster the lightning strikes.

So if you’re driving in slow traffic you may see lightning more often, while drivers on a fast motorway may see less.

If you’re travelling at an average speed of 25km/h or less, the lightning is likely to be more sporadic and less powerful.

However, if you are travelling at 30km/hr or higher, lightning is more likely to occur more frequently.

How fast do lightning strikes travel?

Lightning is often associated with the speed at which it strikes.

Lightning is the most powerful storm of the year, with an estimated 10,000 lightning strikes occurring in the year.

It is also the fastest lightning, travelling at a speed of 1,100km/hour (620mph).

As lightning strikes, the electricity travels at very high speeds, traveling through the atmosphere at speeds of about 25km (16mph) per second.

The speed of lightning strikes is affected by wind speed, atmospheric conditions and wind direction.

For example, in a calm, clear, clear sky with a low, steady wind, lightning strikes are usually less frequent and slower than in stormy conditions.

If the wind is blowing in a straight line, the wind will not be a factor in lightning strikes; however, the thunder will.

How much lightning does it take?

Lightning strikes are extremely rare.

They occur in a matter of seconds, but lightning is also dangerous.

Lightning can cause severe injuries to people, animals and even buildings.

If lightning strikes your home or business, you need to make sure that it’s safe.

A storm surge may cause a small number of people to lose their lives.

In most cases, lightning can only be expected to affect a small area of land.

Lightning damage from thunderstorms has a greater impact on buildings, as it is much more damaging.

When a thunderstorm strikes, it can cause significant damage to buildings and infrastructure.

What is the risk of lightning?

Lightning can occur in areas where there is low visibility, low rainfall or a high temperature of less than 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Lightning can also occur in high-risk locations such as high-rise buildings, where there may be no windows and no ventilation.

People who are injured or killed by lightning can be at risk if they are travelling in high winds, and it is very difficult to identify the exact location where lightning is occurring.

Lightning strikes occur more often in warm, moist weather, and are more likely in winter.

Lightning may also be associated with a thunder storm in the summer.

In Australia, there is a significant risk of electrocution from lightning strikes and it can happen when there is no power supply.

The potential for electrocutions has increased as more people are exposed to lightning.

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