How to make the most of a late-night road trip

It’s the last thing you want to do when you’re heading home after a road trip, but that’s exactly what happened to two Oklahoma drivers in their early 20s.

The first was a young man who drove from Montana to Colorado and back with no car insurance, a story the couple shared on social media.

The second was a college student who drove with no insurance but needed a ride home after school.

“It’s so crazy,” Jennifer Siegel said of the situation.

“You want to be able to go to the movies, or you want the kids to play with you and then you go to your parents house and they say ‘What happened?'”

She was also surprised to learn the driver who drove her to her destination was a passenger in a pickup truck.

The driver, who was not identified, had no insurance and had a $3,500 deductible.

“We’re both in the process of getting insurance now and I’m trying to figure out how to get my car fixed,” Siegel explained.

“I don’t know if that’s possible, but I think that’s what I was thinking when I was driving the car.”

The first time the couple met on Facebook was when the driver asked them to join him for a roadtrip.

“He said he had been driving for about two months and wanted to drive me home to Montana,” Slinger said.

“So we decided to come along.”

The next time the young couple met was when they were on the way to a wedding and needed a car to take them to the wedding.

“The next day, he said he needed the car to go on a road run and he was going to need to get his insurance,” Sauer said.

The second time the husband and wife decided to meet on Facebook is when the couple was at a friend’s wedding.

The young man wanted to stay in a hotel room, so they decided to get a car together.

“I think he knew he had to be there because he said ‘I’ll be there, I’ll be gone in an hour,'” Siegel recalled.

The driver didn’t want to drive and decided to call his girlfriend, who he said was his passenger.

The girlfriend, meanwhile, drove the couple to the restaurant where the two had dinner, where the driver offered to give her the car if she wanted to take a ride with him.

“My daughter was waiting at home and I was sitting in the car watching my daughter eat and she was like ‘You’re not coming home,'” Sauer recalled.

“She was very excited.”

“We got in the truck, we were ready to go,” Sigeldsaid.

The couple ended up driving home to Kansas City, Kansas, to pick up the insurance money and to make plans for the wedding the following day.

“To think he didn’t know about the insurance was crazy,” Sinkert said.

“But, I guess we’re just going to have to live with it for now.”

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