The Road Trip Cast: A Year in Colorado

In November of 2016, I took a road trip with friends in Colorado.

It was our first time in the state and we drove a lot.

We spent some time at the old Colorado State Penitentiary, which is the most beautiful prison in the world.

I got to visit some of the best prisons in the country and I met some of my best friends.

The prison is in a beautiful area with the Rocky Mountains just above it.

There were lots of beautiful sights and I had a great time with my friends.

We also spent time at a nice restaurant in a nice area.

I had been to the prison before, and it was awesome.

It’s located just off Interstate 10, right next to a park.

That park is called the Colorado State Prison, which was designed to be a prison in colorado.

It has everything a prison should have: A huge concrete building, with a big courtyard with a fountain and lots of outdoor space.

It also has a small prison gym.

There’s a small library where I can read and get some free books.

There are also a few other prisons in Colorado that are just like this.

There is also a large parking lot with a large, empty building behind it.

We drove around the area a lot, stopped at a lot of places, talked to people, and ate lunch.

The whole experience was so surreal and I loved every moment.

The inmates are very nice and the food was amazing.

They have some nice TVs and a lot more space than you would expect.

I loved that.

The food was really good and I really enjoyed the conversation and the conversations that were happening.

The prisoners are very happy and very nice.

I would like to see more prisons like this built and a more variety of prisoners, but that’s for the future.

But the road trip was really cool and I’ll definitely be back for more road trips.

I hope that people in Colorado are as excited about their prisons as I am.

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