Which sport’s driverless cars are the most exciting?

The sport that started it all: On February 14, 2017, an automated, driverless vehicle drove its way onto the streets of Stetson, Florida, at an intersection.

It was a black sedan, the kind you might find in a high-end Mercedes-Benz, a Cadillac, or a Porsche.

The car, which was called the Stetsonian, had a driver, a co-driver, and four passengers.

The Stetsonsonson, which is owned by the St. Petersburg-based company KIA Motors, was designed to be used by those who needed to get to work quickly.

And it was a big deal.

In its first year, the Stetonson was used to haul about 3,000 pounds of freight to Stetsonic’s manufacturing plant in the Florida panhandle, which had been hit hard by the recession.

The cars were also used to pick up passengers at a few local restaurants.

The idea was to bring back the old-fashioned days of picking up a customer at a gas station and delivering them to their destination.

The company’s CEO, Chris DeWitt, said that this is the only time he’s ever seen anything like it.

“The idea is to take the old, boring, old, old-school way of picking-up and delivering customers, but to put them in a modern, autonomous car that can go anywhere and do whatever you want it to do.”

The Stetonesonson’s driver, whose name is John DeWitonson (he’s not the driver), was an engineer named Scott Smith.

He was born and raised in Stetsonia, and he got his start at a local auto shop, where he learned to weld, then worked at a construction site.

In 2014, he was hired by the company to develop a new kind of passenger car.

This car, known as the Stettsonian, has a driver who sits in the front seat, and three passengers.

It has four doors that open into a cargo compartment, and a driver sits behind the driver.

“What this car is really all about is convenience,” said Smith, who went on to work on other cars for KIA, including one that was driven by an actual driver.

A year later, the company launched its first Stetsoneon.

In the first few months of production, it was used by the crew of the Statsonic at the construction site and on the roads of Stetonic, where Smith had also worked.

But in the summer of 2016, things got a little out of hand.

A car was caught on fire, and KIA was ordered to take it off the road.

A month later, Smith got a call from a woman in Stetonia who said that Smith was her son’s dad.

The driver, who had been with KIA since the early days of the company, was on the phone with his father, telling him that he was going to take a vacation.

Smith was devastated.

He wanted to go home.

The first Stetoneon went off the roads, but its first passenger didn’t.

In early 2017, Smith returned home to Steton, and the next day, he received a call saying that KIA had agreed to take over the company.

The next year, KIA’s first Stettoneon was a $40 million production car.

It’s been a huge success.

The factory in Stettonia, where KIA currently is, has been producing the Stettonesonsons for more than a year, and it’s one of the largest automakers in the world.

But now the company is in a fight with another automaker, Ford, over whether to license the technology.

According to The New York Times, Kia has filed a lawsuit in California against Ford, alleging that the automaker infringed on its patent.

“It’s really, really sad,” said DeWett, who told me that the lawsuit would be a big blow to the Stetteronesonsonic.

The suit alleges that Ford is using Kia’s technology without permission, and is using it to create a competing, self-driving car.

But Smith said that the company hasn’t had any formal discussions with Ford about licensing its technology, which could create a whole new class of car that would be able to do whatever the driver wants to do on the road, and that would create a big disruption in the car industry.

“If it does happen, it’s going to be a very significant change,” Smith said.

In his speech at the Stetteson factory, Smith said, “If they want to license it, they can do it.”

But Ford said that Kia could be using its patent for something that it could build into the future, something that would potentially make the Stletsonsonsonsonic even more valuable.

And if Kia did license the patent, Smith argued, Ford would be required to build and sell the

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