How to fix a car crash: Why is it the safest part of Australia?

The safest part is the road.

That’s the conclusion of a new study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the Australian Research Council (ARC).

It found the most common road accidents involved pedestrians, cyclists and drivers who were not wearing helmets.

The study, titled Road safety and the road, has been commissioned by the NSW Government and the National Association of Road Users (NARU) and was carried out by researchers from ARC’s Roads and Urban Research Institute and the University of Sydney.

“There’s no doubt that road safety is a significant issue,” Dr Michael Gartrell, ARC’s senior road safety researcher and one of the report’s authors, said.

The research, which was released on Wednesday, used data collected by NSW Roads and Traffic Management (RTM) over two years from the State Highway Plan.

RTM’s annual road safety report, which is often cited by politicians, is the largest ever and is the final tally of road safety data gathered by the government.

It’s the data that is used to inform the Government’s road safety strategy, which calls for more road safety.

While there’s a big increase in road deaths from motor vehicle crashes over the past two decades, the study found that in NSW, the safest road is the highway.

It said there were fewer road accidents involving pedestrians, but more road deaths involving cyclists, cyclists without a helmet and drivers without a seatbelt.

A number of factors led to this result, Dr Gartrel said, including the fact that there was a larger proportion of pedestrians on the road at the time the crash occurred, and that the majority of crashes involved drivers without helmets.

However, he said there was no denying that there were many drivers who weren’t wearing helmets who were involved in more road crashes.

Dr Gartres said that was a problem because “there’s not enough time for them to do that”.

“You have to have the right amount of time to get to the accident scene.

And you have to be able to see the driver.

That is an important part of the road safety equation,” he said.”

You can’t just take a single, narrow lane to the side of the lane, which isn’t an ideal situation.”

“If you’re going to drive in that situation you have the potential for hitting something.”

Dr Gartson said the study looked at the data collected from around the country, but it also looked at data collected for the last 20 years.

He said he was confident that the new report’s findings would be welcomed by road safety advocates and other stakeholders, and would be “very helpful” in improving the way the country was approaching road safety and road infrastructure.

Read more about road safety: Rights groups criticised, but road safety campaigners say study ‘good’ for NSW road safety NARUTA president Tim Ritchie said he supported the new findings, and said he would be concerned if road safety activists opposed the report.

“[The study] confirms what we have been saying all along: that our roads are not unsafe, and we should have more road lanes to keep more people moving,” he told ABC Radio NSW.

But he also said the road crash rate in NSW had remained relatively stable over the last few decades.

NARROW NATION: The NAB study finds the most dangerous road in Australia The study compared the road death rate of people who were killed on a road in NSW between 1996 and 2017 to the rate of road deaths for people who had not been hit by a vehicle in that time.

Its findings were released on Tuesday by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTM).

The report also looked specifically at the impact of helmet laws.

As the study showed, helmet laws had a major impact on the rate at which people died on roadways.

In a statement, the department said the overall road safety rate in the NSW capital and regional areas in 2016 was the highest in the country.

Road deaths in NSW are down by 8 per cent since 2013, and the number of road-related deaths is down by 10 per cent over the same period.

Overall, the number who died on a NSW road during that time was 3,056, up by 5 per cent.

More than two thirds of those who died were people aged 60 or over.

NSW Road Safety Minister Jacinta Allan said she was confident the findings were “fair and balanced” and that there had been progress in road safety in recent years.

“We have made great strides in tackling road crashes,” she said.

“We have introduced the first-ever helmet laws in NSW in 2018 and, for the first time, there is no driver with a helmet.”

Our road safety plan is about putting people in control of their journey.

“Read the full report:

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