How to survive in the world’s deadliest road accidents

In the world of bridges, road deaths are on the rise.

This year alone, seven bridges have been closed and more than 100 people have died.

One of the bridges that has suffered the most damage is the iconic Seven Bridges Road, which runs across southern Thailand and connects the cities of Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

In June, the road was closed due to a landslide and was reopened only on August 16.

Since then, the bridge has suffered more than 2,200 deaths, according to the Chiang-Mai State Disaster Management Agency (CMDSA).

The agency is calling for greater public participation and better safety measures to keep the bridge open and open its gates.

One solution to the problem is the installation of traffic lights at the top of the bridge, where traffic would have to pass by to pass through, but it has been criticised by some as a violation of Thailand’s environmental laws.

The bridge’s construction began in 2015 and it has a total of 13 spans, which connect Bangkok to Chiang Rai.

It is the only bridge in the country where the number of bridges is limited and only a small percentage of the road network.

To avoid the closure, a new pedestrian bridge was built at the beginning of 2017.

But the road has also seen an increase in deaths and serious injuries since it opened in July.

A road accident on the bridge was the deadliest single-day toll in Thailand in 2021.

The cause of the crash has yet to be identified.

The Chiang Mai State Governor, Phuirong Phayudharauth, told Al Jazeera that the bridge is designed to allow traffic to pass from the east side, but there is a danger of a landslide.

He also said that the road is dangerous, but he did not know how the road would be safer if the road were not closed.

He added that the traffic lights are not visible and that there is no signage to inform the public that there will be a pedestrian bridge.

However, there are signs posted at the bridge warning that the crossing is a pedestrian crossing.

The road is also a major thoroughfare for vehicles and pedestrians alike, and the number and number of traffic accidents is on the increase.

In October, a pedestrian accident at the Bridge of Heroes in Chiang Myit Thani province left three dead.

Another accident took place in January when a motorbike was struck by a car.

The authorities said the bridge had been inspected four times and found no problems.

A bridge accident in November killed a 25-year-old woman.

Another fatal accident took a toll of 12 in February when a truck was hit by a pedestrian.

The death toll from the Chiat-Moy bridge has been reported to be 10.

In the past two years, more than 40 people have been killed and hundreds injured when a bridge collapsed in the northern province of Nakhon Sawan.

The latest incident took place on January 17, when a tractor-trailer carrying cement was hit in a snowstorm and overturned in a field.

The accident killed two people and injured seven others.

The provincial government has ordered a thorough investigation into the incident and is looking into the cause of last year’s accident.

The Nakhonsawan Provincial government is planning to replace the bridge with a better one.

The project is still under way, and it is unclear whether the replacement bridge will be ready for construction in 2019.

Many drivers do not realize that they need to wear a seatbelt while crossing a bridge, according a study published in 2017 by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), a London-based think-tank.

In 2015, an IISD study showed that 70 per cent of the drivers surveyed said they do not wear seatbelts.

However in February 2018, the Chittaburi Provincial government ordered a public inquiry into the crash and launched a compensation fund for those injured in the crash.

The toll of road accidents in Thailand has risen dramatically since the collapse of the Seven Bridges Bridge.

There have been 1,000 bridge accidents in 2017 alone, compared to 1,300 in 2016, according the CMDSA.

According to the CmdSA, more road accidents are occurring in 2017 because of the increase in road travel, especially on the main roads.

It says that the number is also higher in rural areas and that many people travel to work in heavy vehicles.

The IISI also notes that the government is failing to do enough to ensure safe conditions for pedestrians, with many roads still without a traffic signal or traffic lights.

“The government has no plans to install traffic lights,” says Mok Satchai, an engineering professor at the Choy Chit University.

He says that even though the roads are wide and the traffic flow is good, people do not have the awareness to wear seat belts.

He believes that the majority of people have no awareness about how to use the road and have no idea how to make it safer for them.

Mok says that he thinks the government should focus more on

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