Canopy Road Pay: A road pay system in the canopy

By Kate O’Connell, Reuters EditorThe world is set to get a lot more road money soon, with governments set to introduce a nationwide payment system for road tolls, the use

How to Survive the World’s Most Dangerous Road Maps

This map is made of images of all the major highways in the world.But each state has its own unique set of roads.Each map has its pros and cons, but

How the U.S. Army’s new road armor is getting a bump in armor

With its new helmet, the U-Haul pickup truck is getting an upgrade from the Army.And, it’s getting a lot of it.The Army’s newest helmet has two new panels on the

Why are some people riding in traffic with their cars on a broken road sign?

On Wednesday, Axios reporter Chris Pate asked the driver behind the vehicle in question, a 23-year-old named Eric, why he’d be breaking the law if he’s actually going to go

How the Broncos could make the playoffs in 2017

The Denver Broncos need to do some damage to the AFC West division to make the wild-card game this season.They need to go undefeated and have a bye.They’ll need a

Why do some people find road rage so funny?

When a road rage incident takes place, one person will have a lot of emotions.Some people find the whole experience hilarious and others are very sad.But if you happen to

What to do if you find a roadblock on the way to the crossroads

A roadblock is a road-block, like a traffic sign.They are often painted in the shape of a cross, but sometimes they can also be used as a symbol for a

How to keep yourself safe while driving through the night in Queensland

The Queensland government has launched a road safety campaign urging motorists to stay out of the night and to stay alert at night, as the state continues to be hit

What do you need to know about the next generation of vehicles?

The next generation vehicle, or “next generation” for the tech industry, is here.And with that comes a whole new set of challenges, such as the new technologies that will allow

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