Which road is bigger? Big or smaller?

This is part two of a two-part series on the largest and smallest roads in the United States.For part one, check out the road that’s bigger than the world.For the

What to expect when you drive through Australia’s bushland barrier barrier

The Queensland government has released plans to create a $100 million road barrier to keep drivers and pedestrians out of bushland areas.Key points:Roads in Queensland are now fully controlled by

When Twitter shuts down, Apple will step in and protect you

Apple has been working to preserve some of its users’ online privacy, after losing its primary service, iCloud, and a handful of other services to the federal government.The company announced

How many cars will be stuck in Idaho?

Idaho’s state highway system has been under the constant threat of flooding this winter, with heavy rains flooding roads, making it impossible to safely drive.As a result, Idaho drivers have

Ford announces next-generation Ford Focus electric hatchback

Ford has unveiled a new, electric version of its flagship Focus hatchback, the first car to come with the new Ford Focus EV plug-in hybrid system.The new Focus hatch has

Lincoln Road Studios and Lincoln Road Mall announced for next year

The Lincoln Road studios and the Lincoln Road mall are to close their doors on June 10, 2018.The Lincoln Road studio, which has produced films including the upcoming Harry Potter

When is the last time you went to Colorado road conditions?

When the weather gets good, I’ll take a trip down the road and see if I can find something else to enjoy, like a drive through the Colorado desert or

Hockey fans can take a trip to New Orleans to see some of the world’s best skaters

NHL fans can get an opportunity to see the best skater in the world take on the world in Las Vegas on December 15.This will be the first time the

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